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I love good food so this site was fun to create.

Research shows that the color red is great for restaurants because it increases the guest’s heart rates and can make them hungry. It can also make your guests eat quickly and leave, which is useful for makes it a great color for fast food restaurants like McDonald’s, Chick-Fil-A and KFC. For this site, red is complemented by a color which is a nice mixture of yellow and gold.

I began by creating a wireframe with Sketch. This is one of my favorite steps because it makes the developing part easier. The challenge was getting as much information about the product as possible without creating a crowded website.

My first thought was a pop-up I didn’t want to run into issues where it is blocked on the user’s end. After some research and a little help, the solution was a lightbox that would pop out of the screen but isn’t considered as a pop-up. This was amazing because I could add more images as well as a detailed description of the item and a call to action (Add to Cart).

I found exactly what I was looking for at and was perfect. I am truly amazed and grateful for the enormous amount of resources on the internet to help solve a problem.