Front of Business Card
Back of Business Card

Inspired Business Card

Finding Africa is an organization that aims to show the beauty of Africa. For this design, I  drew inspiration from the Pan-African which are Red, Green, and Gold.

Red – the noble blood that unites all people of African ancestry

Green – the fertile fields of Africa

Gold – the wealth of Africa, peace, harmony and/or hope.

I used Google fonts to find the right font for the card. Slackey for ‘Finding Africa’ because it’s playful and for some reason reminds me of a Giraffe. Great Vibes for the name because I love a cursive font and this one is not only beautiful but has a great name. I used Merriweather for the details because it’s one of those fonts that I like and use whenever I can.

For the back of the card, I just started playing around with lines in Pixelmator until I created a design that was reminiscent of African Ankara fabric